National S'mores Day!!

Did you know that August 10th is National S'mores Day? A day dedicated to the most popular campfire treat! Millions of people young and old all over the world are obsessed with roasting marshmallows and creating the perfect squishy, gooey, toasted treat. 

The ultimate s'more consists of a perfectly toasted marshmallow set on a layer of chocolate and sandwiched between two biscuits of your choice. Milka biscuits are by far my favourite to create that perfect gooey squish!

But where did the s'more all start? The origin of this yummy treat hails from Cleveland, Ohio and is credited to entrepreneur Alec Barnum known to many as inventor of the s'more! However the first recorded s'more recipe is logged in the 1927 publication of 'Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts'. Even though Girl Scouts were not the first to make s'mores they are recorded in their reports from around 1925. Earlier recipes are documented under 'Some Mores' later changing to 'S'mores'.

Over time the s'more has evolved and there are so many ways to enjoy those toasted gooey marshmallows! From Lotus Biscoff to Stroopwafels and Nutella to rainbow sprinkles the choice is entirely yours! How many different ways can you make a s'more? 

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