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National BBQ week!

Did you know the end of June is National BBQ week?

Fire up the grill as the last week of June marks National BBQ week! All over the UK and Ireland the sun will be shining, the temperature will be on the rise and BBQ's everywhere out of their winter retirement and ready to get sizzling succulent steaks and juicy burgers.

From sausages to veggie skewers, ribs to colourful salads the food list for BBQ dining 'Al Fresco' has endless possibilities. But what about the sweet treats after the savoury feast is done?  

Fire up your marshmallow toaster and pick your favourite biscuit as making s’mores for that post savoury sweet fix is fast becoming the most popular addition to the Summer BBQ! People young and old are having fun, lazing in the sunshine and roasting marshmallows to create gooey, tasty, squishy s’mores. The ultimate sweet treat you will never get bored of creating that perfect toasty squish! 

Don't forget it's not all about the food, outdoor BBQ's are a fantastic way to reconnect with family and friends whilst enjoying the summer sunshine. Add in some music a cold drink or a glass of fizz and celebrate National BBQ week in style.

Will you be enjoying s’mores and marshmallows with your summer BBQ? Why not leave a comment with your favourite s’more creation. Don't forget to tag us in your squishy creation stories on Instagram  

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