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How To Create The Perfect S'mores!

S'mores are a long standing tradition hailing from the United States but are now the latest craze to hit the U.K and Ireland and are fast becoming the most popular homemade sweet treat.

People young and old everywhere are having fun roasting marshmallows indoors and outdoors to create gooey, tasty, squishy s'mores. The perfect post BBQ treat or ideal sweet snack for that day trip to the beach, hike up the mountains or cute addition to a romantic date night! However you enjoy marshmallow filled s'mores here is our step by step guide on how to create the ultimate s'more with a S'more'a'licious kit!

- Unwrap the beautiful s'mores treat box and place your burner for toasting marshmallows on a heat proof surface, this can be indoors or outdoors, our toasters are safe for both!!

- Light the marshmallow toaster with the matches from the cute box (take care with this)

- Using a bamboo skewer pick your choice of mallow for toasting! Do you prefer pink, white or one of our speciality stuffed gourmet mallows?

- Now for the fun part!! You will need a little patience for this step to ensure roasted marshmallow perfection!! At a distance of around six to eight inches above the mini camp fire (not directly in the flame) use a slow and steady rotation to create a delicately crisp and caramelised outer layer with a warm gooey molten centre!!

This should take around four minutes, so be patient you cannot rush perfection.

- Once your mallow is toasted to your liking and still on the stick place between two biscuits of your choice with the chocolate touching the roasted marshmallows. Press the biscuits together and pull away the stick. The heat from the toasted mallow will melt the chocolate to create the ultimate gooey sweet treat.

Sit back and enjoy your creation! Don't forget to upload your tasty creations to your Instagram stories and tag us, we love to see all your tasty s'mores creations. 

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